Strazeele CSI2*

I took Arantos, Global van't Braunerhof, and Dee Crossfield's Clear the Way to the CSI2* in Strazeele, France. 

 On the first day Arantos was 8th in the 1.45 jump off class, Global was 3rd in the 1.40 speed class and the Clear the Way had the fastest time for one down in the 1.30.  

 The 2nd day Global jumped his first big class for one down, but he was very impressive and Clear the Way jumped very well for one down in the 1.30 - she is just learning to go a bit faster.  

On Sunday Arantos was unlucky in the Grand Prix, Global was 4th in the 1.40 two-phase and Clear the Way was 8th in the speed class.