It was a welcome return to the international arena for the team at DLS, returning to Spain for the Sunshine Tour.

The young horses kicked off proceedings on Tuesday with David taking Billy Schweppes and Jaguar X clear in the 6-year-olds and the 7-year-olds respectively. Graham and Billy Brisk had just one down in the 6-year-olds and lie Palmer aboard the joint owned Tres Bien Z were clear. 

David and Jaguar X were clear again in the 7-year-olds and Graham and Billy Brisk were clear in the 6-year-olds on both Wednesday and Thursday, with David also taking Starrouge and the homebred Balloon Cruise clear around the Medium Tour 1.30. 

The pair had just the one down in Friday’s 1.35, however David and Mysao Des Roches Rouges were clear in that same class. Student Alex Sommerville-Cotton and the DLS sourced Conan Doyle were also clear in this class and Alex and her 8-year-old Senators Rhondaigo were also clear in the 1.30. 

On Saturday, David took 5th in the 1.35 with Balloon Cruise and was clear aboard Starrouge. Alex and Sentaors Rhondaigo were clear again in the 1.30 and Natasha Sommerville-Cotton – also a student at DLS – was clear aboard Jirado Van’t Koningshof in the 1* 1.20. It left David and Starrouge to fly the flag for the team on Sunday, taking 14th in the Medium Tour 1.30.