Following on from their successes last week, the youngsters of DLS were back out with confidence in the early half of week 3 of the Sunshine Tour.

Kicking off in style, David and Jaguar X had a beautiful clear round in the 7 YOs, and the rest of the team followed suit in the 6YOs. Alice Palmer and co-owned stallion Tres Bien Z gave produced the first clear round of the class, swiftly followed by Graham Gillespie and Billy Brisk. Last but by no means least, student rider Alex Somerville-Cotton made it a hattrick with a foot perfect round on Amazing-K Van’t Kattenheye. 

Success in the age classes continued through the first half of the week as Tres Bien placed in the 6YO final, and Jaguar X gave David a beautiful round to finish in 2nd place. 

The latter half of the week saw our DLS student riders put everything they’ve learnt into practice, as siter duo Tash and Alex Somerville-Cotton took to the ring, coming out with some beautiful rounds in the 1.20 and 1.40 respectively. It is great to see them doing so well as we progress through the tour. 

Friday saw the horses take to the bigger tracks and come out shining. Starrouge had just one down in the 1.45 Ranking Class, but it was a double of clear rounds for Balloon Cruise and Mysoa Roches Rouges in the Small and Medium Tour 1.40m respectively. Mysoa des Roches Rouges then rounded off the week perfectly finishing in the money once again in the 1.40