This week saw DLS head back over to the continent for two weeks at the Pakur Chuchle Arena Praha.

Thursday was a great warm-up day, with Foudre F and David schooling around the 2* 1.30 as their first international appearance of the year. However, it was Louise who came out top in this class coming 4th with new ride Cooper VA. The young horses also shone with  6-year-old stallion Tres Bien Z (jointly owned with Showjumping Vision) and Louise coming 2nd  in the 6-year-old section of the joint 6&7-years-old class to finish 4th overall and Jaguar and David coming 6th in the 7-year-old section to finish 8th overall.  

Friday was another great day for the young horses. Tres Bein Z won the 6-year-old section to finish 2nd overall whilst Jaguar finished 13th. Foudre F and David were again up to bat in the 2* Ranking Class, jumping a stunning clear in the first round with an unfortunate fence in the jump-off to finish 8th. It was great to also see DLS reference Gentleman vh Veldhof finish 5th in the Ranking Class – a true testament to what a great horse he is! 

Saturday was the 6-year-old final where Tres Bien Z had a beautiful first round but an unlucky fence in the jump-off meant they finished in 14th. Never less, a great first international appearance for this new pairing that’s surely going to have a great international career together. Louise and Cooper VA were next up in the 2* 1.40 where they repeated their early success by coming 4th in the class. David aboard Mysoa des Roches Rouges was also clear in this competitive class to come 13th.  

Sunday was the icing on the cake for this great show in Prague. Louise and Starrouge jump clear in the 2* 1.40 in the morning before the Grand Prix, but it was again David and Foudre F who stole the show. They finished 4th in the blistering fast jump-off with two impressive rounds but it was great to see the class be won by Gentleman vh Veldhof who beat the next horse by 1.53 seconds. Congratulations to V Team Prague and Ales Opatrny for the win!