This week at Team DLS, Louise and Antonia went to Hickstead, where they had some excellent results and David flew to Warsaw, Poland, for the very exciting EEF Nations Cup Final.


At the start of the week before David left, he made a quick stop at Hickstead to jump Billy Carmen round the 6 year olds. The young horse made a great effort despite the heat and just had an unlucky fence down. Louise then rode a brilliant round on new ride Cajou Van Overis Z in the B&C with just one pole, followed by her second ride of the day, Starrouge, who did a textbook double clear to finish 2nd. This pair continues to succeed and always come to each show in great form. Louise then rode Balloon Cruise effortlessly round 1.20m Open to finish the day with a clear and 5th overall. Ben with his ride Scooby also had a super ride in the 1.20m open producing a steady clear – another great start to the week. 

On Wednesday, Louise jumped a super round in the Winter Grades B&C Championship, with a double clear on Starrouge finishing up in 5th place. This was followed by Ballon Cruise and Louise in the 1.25m open to jump a brilliant double clear and to finish on the podium in 2nd. 

David also arrived in Warsaw, joining top groom Grace with Foudre F and Carleyle. Both horses had a great first day with Fourdre F in the 4* 1.40 Medium Tour and Carleye in 4* 1.50 Big Tour. Both went clear and Carleye picked up 5th overall on the first day! 

On Saturday, it was Amigo SWB’s turn in the main ring with Antonia for CSI2* 1.40-1.45m. With a course that produced few clears, Antonia and Amigo just tapped a pole in the first phase leaving them out of placings, but still a great experience for the pair. Mysao Des Roches Rouges was up next for 2* 1.35-1.40m where they produced a brilliant round in the first phase and just knocked a pole towards the end, but nonetheless, a brilliant start for this new pair in the international ring as their first- ound together was on the Tuesday.

Over in Warsaw, David and Foudre F had a super day jumping with a double clear in the Medium Tour 4* 1.40m ready for the EEF Nations Cup final day of  team jumping. The highlight of the day definitely had to go to top stallion Carleyle, who jumped a fantastic clear and just a green fence down in the jump off of the 4* Grand Prix to finish in 5th. This pairing just keeps getting better and better and we can’t wait to see what more there is to come from them.  

On the final day of Hickstead, Antonia and Amigo SWB flew round the 2* 1.40m, with just a single time penalty in the first phase. In Poland, David and Foudre F finished strong on the day of the team jumping rounds in the EEF Nations Cup, going clear in the first round and pole in the second round. Team Ireland finished 4th  overall, this was a great result for the team and for David to represent his country so brilliantly is always great to see.  

A busy week for all of DLS and plenty of success all round. A huge thank you as always to Hickstead for putting on yet another amazing show and we loved to see the crowds back in the stands after so long! And, of course, a thank you to Team Ireland for a great week in Warsaw for ensuring the best care for both horse and rider. Finally, we are always so appreciative of our grooms who have worked tirelessly this week both at home and away, we couldn’t do it with them!